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Diri Kolé Cooking Webinar | Creole Haitian Cuisine | Cuisine Lakay Lola

Rice and beans? What ?

I do it for the rice and beans. I would have to say the most popular Haitian dish out there. Agreed?

We learn the steps & techniques I use that will help you cook and perfect this dish using deep red beans. It will no longer be a mystery to you because I help you understand just how to sautée the beans and incorporate the rice for this particular type of recipe. We learn timing, and texture and quantities to encourage you to make your first plate of diri kole.

During : Recipe explanation and how-to of sòs rouj (red sauce) and cooking tips
At the end of cooking atelier: Prepared meals - zero waste storage methods –spice samples
Events covered: A night in with the girls (or guys), team building, bachelorette, or you just want those one-on-one tips.

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