Customer Experience Training

We firmly believe this is truly a critical aspect of a business’ success, especially within the food industry. We would love to assist you in implementing a customer experience system in your company. This system would provide you and your employees guidance, effective strategies and most importantly, the motivation needed to ensure a seamless customer service journey; from that initial contact to when they make a purchase (or not). With a history of fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Lola has consistently motivated and empowered teams to achieve their highest potential, resulting in enhanced team cohesion and overall success in various professional settings.

Why work with Lola and trust her to guide you to genuinely train your team to offer the best customer experience to your customers ?

With over 15 years of combined experience encompassing in customer service, customer relationships management, tutoring, recruitment, employee performance appraisal and training, Lola can help! Moreover, let's not forget she holds a degree in Pastry Making, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health, and has experience working with a diverse clientele, including individuals with special needs. All this to say Lola knows how to adapt to different environments, when needed.

With a strong foundation in public speaking and a proven track record in customer relations, Lola brings the essential skills of effective communication and client engagement to your projects. Her expertise extends to meticulous planning and execution, ensuring that every aspect is thoughtfully strategized and flawlessly implemented.

Lola has contributed significantly to the success of numerous organizations, committees, local Non-profits by providing insights and guidance. They all valued her strong work ethic, exceptional competence as well as her profound expertise.

BONUS: her services are offered In French, English and Creole. You're welcome ;)

Together we could enhance your organization’s overall productivity by organizing team-building events and activities that fosters employee motivation, development, and increases performance. Invest in your business and receive our exclusive service with Lola to know which development package works best for you and your team.

*Initial investment for consultation is deducted from a finalized & signed contract*

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