Customer Care Success Training

We think this is truly an important aspect of a businesses success, especially in the food industry. We would love to assist you in implementing a customer service system in your company that would provide you and your employees guidance, strategies and most importantly the motivation needed to provide a successful customer service journey from that first  initial contact to when they make a purchase (or not).

Why work with Lola and trust her to assist you to genuinely train your team to offer the best customer care to your customers ?

Here are a few reasons, aside from her contagious laugh :) of course

With more than 10 years of combined experience in customer service, building customer relationships, tutoring, hiring, evaluating employee performance and training, Lola can help. And let's not forget she has a degree in Pastry making, a bachelor's degree in psychology, a graduate certificate in mental health, and over 14 years experience working with a diverse clientele with diverse needs.

She has worked with numerous organizations, committees, local  Non-profits and they all have valued her work ethic, her competence as well as her expertise.

And her services are offered In French, English and Creole. You're welcome ;)

Book your excusive service with Lola! 

*Initial investment for consultation is deducted from a finalized & signed contract*