Culinary Coordinator


We love a good celebration, for any occasion!! And we truly understand what these special moments mean for everyone, because we have had these amazing moments ourselves. I am sure you can tell from our cooking video with the wonderful Anthonina! 

We cannot think of a better way to bring a beautiful exotic touch to your special event than to provide a wonderful Caribbean-inspired menu for you and your guests.

As a hostess, Lola always found joy in her role as an event host. We want to ensure that you experience the same level of enjoyment during your event. Leave all that menu planning and execution to us!  From discussing menu options, meticulous menu planning, to thorough vendor research and vetting, to the flawless execution on the day of the event, and more… Basically we handle every facet to ensure that the whole process around the meal is effortless and memorable for you.

All you and your guests have to do is enjoy!

BONUS: her services are offered In French, English and Creole. You're welcome ;)

 Book your excusive service with Lola! 

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