Culinary Conversations Conferences


We are more than happy to finally share with you our services for our conferences on the history of Caribbean cuisine, where we start by looking at it's evolution within the Quebec ecosystem. More to come !
 Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lola, and I am delighted to present my conference services. I am an expert in knowledge sharing, renowned for my exceptional interpersonal communication skills, as well as my commitment to social and community engagement. My lectures are thoughtfully designed to combine learning with immersive experiences; all while celebrating the rich variety of Caribbean cuisines and highlighting the remarkable contribution of Black individuals to history.
My passion for Caribbean cuisine and my desire to promote the culinary arts have culminated in the development of my unique service offerings. As a multifaceted entrepreneur, a culinary expert, a counselor and an educator, I bring a unique perspective to delivering engaging conferences on Caribbean cuisine.
These captivating sessions will immerse you into the heart of the Caribbean culinary artistry, featuring live demonstrations, tastings of traditional dishes and invaluable tips on incorporating these exotic flavors into your cooking repertoire. The conferences are designed to stimulate the curiosity and enthusiasm of your guests while also reinforcing their appreciation for the marvels of the Caribbean cuisine.
Contact me for a quick Discussion where we can explore in detail how I can help create an experience that engages all five senses of your guests. I am eager to work with you towards celebrating cultural diversity.
*Services also offered in French and Creole