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Herring & Cod Fish Rolls Recipe

Prep Time


Cook Time



Arenso Ak Mori 

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Materials needed

Deep Fryer 

Paper Towel 


10-12 pre-packaged Wrap rolls

small bowl of water

Herring Chiktay Recipe


Start by thinking how you are going to enjoy your Herring Fillets Rolls!

  1. Complete Herring Chiktay Recipe 

  1. Use about 1tbsp of mix for each roll : start rolling by folding one end of roll onto itself while tucking in the corners, and fold. set aside

      2. Fry each roll for about 2-3 minutes, lay onto paper towel to remove excess oil 


Serving Suggestions : Salad, as an entrée or paired with some rice 

Mild Spice Mild Spice

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