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Banann Pezé Zero Waste, Eco-friendly Wood Plantain Press

 Handmade, with a beautiful wood design, a perfect pressing tool to flatten your delicious plantains when making “banann peze” (fried plantains). After the first fry of the plantain piece, use this press to flatten your plantain to your desired thickness.  And then, you continue the process. Adults and kids alike can use this to make their fried plantains.

Goes great with our pikliz !

Details about your Press:

  • Measures 20x10 cm (when closed)
  • Made of pine wood
  • Do not soak in water
  • If food sticks to it, lightly scrub and wipe it with a cloth
  • Every once in a while, wipe with some mineral oil to maintain its shine
  • Store  in a utensil cabinet, or in a kitchen drawer

Made in Quebec

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