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Konfiti Grapefruit Jam

Grapefruit jam | Konfiti

One of my most memorable memories from Haiti. The taste of grapefruit jam! It was always a sure comfort me because I knew that my Godmother made it with love. 

This oh-so-delicious jam is made from dried, grapefruit peel. Then we add some ingredient favourites : cinnamon, vanilla extract and some other amazing spices!

I find it sweet. Some are like me and also think it is sweet. Others find it has a light sour taste! How does the saying go:  taste is in eye of the beholder… oh,  no wait,  that was for beauty… oh well my konfiti is still pretty good!!

Enjoy it splattered on some toasts, with some cheese or just have some directly from the jar - but be sure to get extra jars so others can also enjoy!

Details about your jam :

  • 240g glass container ; reusable & recyclable 
  • Protective label
  • Keep refrigerated
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