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White Rice and Meatballs Meal

Diri Blan avek boulèt

This is one of Haiti's National rice. And It is definitely a popular fan favorite so I definitely wanted to put it on the menu list to offer to you guys as a meal solution! It is prepared the same day , with a side of pikliz, red sauce and some chicken.

This meal is perfect : comes in an easy to microwave container, easily able to store leftovers with its practical lid and comes ready to share:)

-Red beans & rice, chicken, red sauce, side of pikliz


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- Add a side dish or extra from $5.00

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Serving suggestions : Containter is microwaveable. Either microwave directly or re-heat it by transferring to another pot.

-Refrigerate if you don't consume all contents

-Keeps for 2-3 days

May contain allergenes

If you would like to learn to cook this delicious meal, try one of our webinars.

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