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Dried Black Mushroom Rice Meal

Diri Djon Djon Meal

This is not only a fan favorite, but definitely one of my favorites. This rice is special because it is made with dried black mushrooms  and it  not only flavours the rice but you get that added touch with the color! 

This meal is perfect : comes in an easy to microwave container, store leftovers with its practical lid and comes ready to share:)

-Shrimp, red sauce, side of pikliz

- Add a dessert from $3.50

- Add a side dish or extra from $5.00

- Add a drink from $2.00

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Serving suggestions : Containter is microwaveable. Either microwave directly or re-heat it by transferring to another plate.

-Refrigerate if you don't consume all contents

-Keeps for 2-3 days, refrigerated

May contain allergenes

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