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Carrot Cake

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 A family favorite, a personal favorite of ours. Carrots, crushed pineapples serve as the base for this wonderful traditional cake, with cream cheese filling and icing.



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Enjoy this amazingly cool, but traditional Black Forest Cake, a favorite for many people (including us !)

-Cherry filling and Chantilly cream, decorated with Chantilly cream rosettes and cherries with dark chocolate shavings, topped with cherries for that final look

-10 inch , 2 layer cake

- Serves 10-12 people

Serving suggestions : Serve with coffee, kremas (Haitian beverage), or some tea

Recommended events : Family Dinners, Birthdays, baby shower, lunch meetings

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 * Special order only : Please allow 48hrs from time of purchase for your order, and cake will be delivered through local delivery

Your cake comes fully covered with icing and shaved chocolate.