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Akra (Accra) Cooking Webinar | Creole Haitian Cuisine | Cuisine Lakay Lola

Confinement? Let’s do some cooking together! In the comfort of your home !!

Growing up in my maman’s kitchen, we were always surrounded with all the wonderful perfumes of her cooking! I was always fascinated by the fact that sometimes she would cook a 10-12 person meal alone! Well, that is, until I came along.

So, it should come as a that my mother is an extremely generous person and it is important for her the concept of food sharing. So, this is exactly what I decided to do, in my own way, during my cooking workshops, in addition to bringing you the multiple tastes and flavors of Haitian cuisine!!

During : Recipe explanation and how-to of sòs rouj (red sauce) 

At the end of cooking atelier: Prepared meals - zero waste storage methods- recipe card 

Events covered: A night in with the girls (or guys), night in with the hubby, or with your partner, you choose.  

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