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Allow me the opportunity to introduce myself

Proud Haitian woman, mom, sister, daughter, friend! Cooking, creating, educating people
are just a few of my interests. Over the last ten plus years, I've successfully helped organize
numerous events for organizations or committees for which I was a part of. During these events,
it was always a priority of mine to showcase Haitian cuisine and Haitian vendors  so I decided
that I  wanted to put that same energy toward my own personal success!

In 2018, I followed the required training course and received my cooking licence, and officially
started testing my products. I offered some favourites such as pikliz and kremas and my version
of a dous. Instant interest and positive results, especially with my dous.


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In the months following my launch, I sought to develop and to solidify my services and products. I asked myself what other means do I have to help others discover these much-loved recipes? I decided to offer cooking workshops for people to see firsthand the process of cooking Haitian cuisine.  This medium provides my participants the chance to ask their questions, find tricks and definitely ignite the spark to cook at home.

Fast forward to 2019 when I a hosted my first cooking class! I taught participants the basics of cooking rice and beans, as well as the famous "red sauce" sós rouj that accompanies it. All this done in a homely setting. We cooked, ate, had fun! 

Cooking Atelier

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