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Arabica Coffee by Noula

Noula Coffee –ARABICA

-Noula coffee's origins ? The cooperative has forged economic ties of solidarity with Haitian producers who are themselves organized into cooperatives. Mainly UCOCAB, region of Baptiste and APCAB, region of Thiotte. These two regions benefit from climatic conditions and a relief favorable to coffee production with altitudes of 1000 to 1200 meters.

-The cultivated variety is 100% Arabica (Bourbon, Catimor and Caturra). A cup of nOula, a taste fire! The know-how of Haitian producers is the added value that contributes to making this coffee one of the best in the world.  Its tasting score is 83 points *.

-With it's rich floral, woody and even chocolatey notes with a slight bitterness, nOula is unanimous among drinkers of good coffee. Racy without being aggressive, this brown roast coffee leaves a fragrant taste in the mouth that will persist until your next cup!

-300 g

-filtered or espresso

Serving suggestion : May we suggest one of our goodies : Start with our Iced Coffee Recipe. Our Carrot Cake is a good start.

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