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Banann Pezé | Fried Plantains | Cuisine Lakay Lola

Banann Pezé | Fried Plantains

January 06, 2021

Bannann peze – Fried plantains

preparation time : 30mins.

portions : 10-12 plantain bites


Materials needed :

plantain press

Frying pan

Deep fryer


Ingredients :

2 large green plantains

Salted water


How to :

Peel your plantains, and slice them into round chunks. Dip slightly in salted water (room temperature)

Heat your oil, for 1st fry

Fry plantains chunks, about 7-8 minutes at 350 degrees (follow your fryers instructions)

Remove plantains from fryer, flatten them with press

Dip the plantain chunks one by one in salted water, and then return them to fryer for final fry, about 1 minute or so

Voilà! Your plantains are ready to be enjoyed !


Serving suggestions : Some pikliz . Akra from our cooking webinar. Make it a Fritay  night! Grab some of our chips, dip and there you go. A grab and go kinda of night:)




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