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Cornmeal Recipe

Prep Time


Cook Time


for 2-3

Mayi Moulin

So this was not my favorite as a kid. But growing up, I learned to appreciate it. And also, we can choose the thickness of the cornmeal so that's always cool. 

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Pot +lid 

Long handle Spoon


2 cups Water

1 organic chicken bouillon cube

salt & pepper,  to taste

1 cup Cornmeal


Start by thinking how you are going to enjoy your cornmeal! 

1.Add water to pot, add spices and bring to a boil on medium heat

2.Boil for 5 minutes to allow flavours to combine

3.Get ready to stir : While water is boiling, start adding cornmeal, and stir vigorously until mixed well with water.

4. Let cook for another 10-12 minutes on low heat, while stirring occasionally.  At this step, you may choose to add some sautéed onions, or spinach, or some seasoned kale. 


Serving Suggestion : Definitely best served while still hot. With our red sauce, with avocado.

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