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Kremas | The process

Kremas | The process

February 07, 2021

Kremas | "Cray-masse"

Kremas /Cremasse

Another staple drink in Haitian households... Kremas. It’s an alcoholic beverage served during special occasions and events such as baptism, communions, weddings, etc. And may be served with certain Haitian desserts such as the traditional vanilla cake.

It is unique because it is made with everyday ingredients that we find in most homes. Therefore, it's always a sweet surprise when we get to experience its bold, rich taste. Coconut cream or milk, evaporated and  condensed milk gives it the wonderful texture that we have come to love.

As you can surely tell by now, I think nutmeg and cinnamon are a great mix!

I wanted to create some lasting kremas that would maintain over a longer period the smooth taste and texture.

So, I got to work.

I combined the sweet condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and my other ingredients.

And I mixed all that wonderful goodness together. Hmmmm… I can smell the nutmeg and cinnamon and the zest of lemon taking over my "kwizinn" (kitchen) once again. That's ok: Used to that smell taking over.

It's set!  Ready? Time to add THE important ingredient: Some rum. Some Société du Barbanourt rum of course. 

Then, I know it's ready.


When you do have some  Kremas, I would suggest some of our cakes : Bayard Gâteaux and our apple cake.

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