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Diri Blan  | White rice recipe by Cuisine Lakay Lola

White Rice Recipe

March 14, 2021

White Rice Recipe | Diri Blan 

Simple white rice is so versatile, pretty easy to make. And goes with most if not all traditional Haitian recipes.  We have it with Legim, with red sauce, with meatballs, and the list goes on. 

Enjoy ! 


Preparation time: 30 mins.

Portioon: 2 

Materials needed :

Pot + lid



2 cups water

1 3/4 cup rice

1 tbsp olive oil

pinch of salt


How to make Diri Blan  | White Rice Recipe

  1. Add  water to pan, add salt
  2. Raise heat to high, Bring to boil.
  3. While water is boiling, rinse rice with water. and throw out rinse water.
  4. Add rice to boiling water and lower heat to medium.
  5. Let cook for 6-8mins. Lower heat to  minimum. Sprinkle olive oil over the rice, cover with lid. Let steam for another 10-12 minutes.

 We’re done ! Enjoy


Serving suggestion :  with … anything !! and everything!! For a full meal, try our red sauce recipe  or with some of our pikliz, as seen in above picture. 

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