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Banann Pezé | Fried Plantains | Cuisine Lakay Lola

Banann Pezé | Fried Plantains Recipe

April 29, 2021

Bannann peze – Fried plantains

preparation time : 30mins.

serves : 2

portions : 10-12 plantain bites


Materials needed :

Plantain press

Frying pan

Deep fryer


Ingredients :

2 large green plantains

Salted water


How to :

  1. Peel your plantains, and slice them into round chunks. Dip slightly in salted water (room temperature)
  2. Heat your oil, for 1st fry
  3. Fry plantains chunks, about 7-8 minutes at 350 degrees (follow your fryers instructions)
  4. Remove plantains from fryer, soak with a paper towel for excess oil, flatten them with press
  5. Dip the plantain chunks one by one in salted water, and then return them to fryer for final fry, about 1 minute or so

Voilà! Your plantains are ready to be enjoyed !

Serving suggestions : Some  of our pikliz , or some  Akra from our cooking webinar. Make it a Fritay night! A grab and go kinda of night:)



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